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Not all who wander are lost...

meandering thoughts of an Oregon writer

Casa de Todd
8 July 1965
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I'm Todd, a writer, photographer, and library assistant. I grew up in Portland OR but lived in Los Angeles for 15 years, and returned to the Moss City in 2003. I've traveled widely in Europe, Latin America, & Asia. I'm married to susieredshoes. My interests include studying Spanish, progressive politics, zen and taoism, hiking, nature, museums, books, exploring cemeteries, and of course travel.
abfab, absinthe, alan watts, alcoholic clowns, aldous huxley, almodovar, amsterdam, anais nin, ancient history, antiwar movement, art, atheism, b-movies, backpacking, bad acting, bad jokes, bad movies, barcelona, black humor, bob marley, books, bookstores, british columbia, buddhism, bukowski, buñuel, camus, canada, cemeteries, central america, cinema, coffee, cuba, cult movies, daisetz teitaro suzuki, death, decrepit buildings, dia de los muertos, documentaries, día de los muertos, earworms, ecology, ed wood, edgar allan poe, erotica, español, europe, europe travel, fellini, film, film noir, fire, foreign cinema, foreign film, forest, forests, genealogy, george orwell, giancarlo giannini, gleaning, gravestones, heironymous bosch, henry david thoreau, hiking, history, horror movies, independent cinema, independent film, karl marx, ken kesey, krishnamurti, kurt vonnegut, lawrence tierney, libraries, library, lina wertmuller, literature, lucha libre, mariangela melato, mausoleums, may day, mexican wrestling, mexico, mount hood, mourning customs, movies, mst3k, museums, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, nature, nicaragua, old growth, old growth forests, ometepe, oregon, oregon coast, pablo neruda, pantheism, paris, peace, phantasm, philosophy, photography, politics, portland, portland oregon, protests, rabbits, rain, rambling walks, reading, red wine, salvador allende, salvador dali, santo, science fiction, sex, socialism, spain, spanish, starry nights, sublime, surrealism, taoism, the brothers quay, travel, trees, victoria abril, vonnegut, walking, weird movies, wilderness, william s. burroughs, writing, zen buddhism